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iPhone Application Development

Seven Mobile App Mistakes

Develop Your iPhone Application with an Experienced Team

Developing an iPhone application doesn’t need to be a painful process. Many of clients actually enjoy the various phases from planning right through to launch and marketing. iPhone application development requires a specialized skill-set that the team at Accella possesses, that’s how we create happy clients.

It all starts with design. A clean user interface that doesn’t get in the way yet provides the user with everything they need in an orderly, easy to navigate way.

We build applications using Apple’s native language, Objective-C. By using a native approach, you ensure that your apps run smoothly, bug-free, and create the greatest possible experience for your users.

Our Quality Assurance team builds test scripts which take in to account all the various uses for your mobile application. We put your app through the ringer so that the day you deploy it, it works for your users. Period.

Support and Maintenance
The greatest failure you can make when you build your mobile application is putting it on the store and walking away. Listening to the feedback of your users, updating your app, and adding features will help to ensure its continued success. Accella provides ongoing maintenance and support for all of our clients.

It’s All About Your Users
Throughout all phases of creating an iPhone application, it’s important to remember the user, as the happier they are, the more they will not only use your app, but share it as well. We build personas and create usability studies to really understand who your user is and what they want from your application.

What Types of Mobile Applications Have We Built?

We have designed, developed, and marketed a wide variety of applications, from internal sales tools to entertaining applications, our team has worked on a wide variety of projects.

Understanding Our Process

Our Mobile App Development Process takes our clients from design through development and deployment. We have had success in migrating web applications to mobile platforms as well as reviving broken projects from other developers.

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