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September 2012

GoDaddy Took Down My Site – Choosing a WebHost
Creating Productivity Apps
Quick Links Featuring the iOS6 and New OS from BlackBerry

August 2012

Ingredients for App Store Success
Moving Your Site to a New Domain
Quick Links Featuring the Amazon Kindle Fire being Sold Out, and Samsung doing something really cool

July 2012

Creating a Mobile Customer Portal with VolvoRents
Don’t ignore users – Go Mobile
Quick Links Featuring iPhone5 Rumors and the Nexus 7 vs the iPad

June 2012

Developing Mobile Apps Using Titanium
Apple’s Making Changes that Can Affect Your App
Quick Links Featuring the end of Flash and Responsive Website Design

May 2012

Creating a Mobile Website – What to Consider
Creating Email Campaign Funnels
Quick Links Featuring a Siri Blunder and Making Your Business Look Larger

April 2012

Seven Drupal Mistakes to Avoid
Accella Takes Home A Gold Addy
Accella Google Adwords Certification
Some Quick Entertaining Links: First YouTube Video Upload, Getting More Likes on Facebook

March 2012

Is the Paperless Office Finally Here?
How to Submit Your App To Apple
The New Facebook Timeline – How to Setup Your Facebook Page
Quick Links Featuring Draw Something drives $250K/day, Apple Selling Lots of iPads, Instagram Coming to Android

February 2012

Apple Developer Accounts – Why You Need Your Own
Seven Mobile Mistakes to Avoid
iPad 3 on the Horizon: A look at the Rumor Mill
Quick Links featuring Android 5.0, Accella/StoryFarm Dominate in Duckpin Bowling

January 2012

MD Lottery Launches their Mobile Website
Building Tablet Apps for Business: The Time Has Come
Apple Tech Days: A Look at What We Learned
Quick Links featuring HTML & Cut the Rope, Every Presentation Ever

December 2011

What Does it Take to be an App Developer?
Translating Your Vision Effectively to Developers: A Look Back
What Accella Looks for in our Employees
Quick Links featuring SOPA opposition, Google Analytics Power Tips

November 2011

Jason King interviewed on MPT’s Your Money & Business
Google Teaches us about the Importance of Testing
Create a Linux Mint 12 Bootable USB Drive
Quick Links featuring Groupon issues and how not to use QR Codes

October 2011

Apple’s iOS5 – When Should You Start Developing Apps for It
SEO Myths That Should Die!
iOS 5 New Feature – Custom UI Navigation Bar
Quick Links: Improve Your Facebook Reach, iPhone 4S, Will it Blend?

September 2011

Accella Turns Five
Our Designers & Developers most unique, exciting projects
Accella Launches our Mobile Website
What Features of Mobile HTML5 are compatible with different browsers

August 2011

Google Display Advertising – Are you doing it?
How much Does it Cost to Build a Mobile App?
QR Codes, Just What Are They, and How Can You Use Them?
Accella Sponsors Baltimore AdWeek

July 2011

Accella Keeps on Growing
The Cost of an Open Source CMS
HomeExchange launches and iPhone App
Google AdWords – Setting up Campaigns

June 2011

Developing a Proof of Concept
Apple iOS 5 – What’s new for Users & Developers
Drupal 6 vs Drupal 7 – Which should you Choose?
Facebook Ad Revenue to Surpass Yahoo!, Google

May 2011

Promoting your Mobile App with a Microsite
Where are you with Social Media?
Native Apps vs. Web Apps
A Cool Android Activations Video

April 2011

Pulling Info off a Central Database for Multiple Mobile Platforms
Video Really is Attractive
Tracking Your Web Visitors in Real-Time
Accella wins at the Addys

March 2011

Adding Video to Your Website
Creating Mobile App Descriptions
Developing a Web Marketing Campaign
Jason King in the Wall Street Journal

February 2011

Mobile Analytics Packages Review
Android, iOS, BlackBerry: Which Platform to Develop on First
Joomla! Vs. Drupal: An Open Source CMS Shootout
How Does the iPhone on Verizon Impact Developers

January 2011

Should Your App be Free?
Building an iPhone, iPad & Android App Simultaneously
Accella Picked as a Top Place to Work in Baltimore
iPhone Life magazine publishes an article by Accella