(by Accella)

Foresight is a program developed by Accella to ensure that your organization's digital experiences are aligned with business goals and constantly evolving to meet brand ambitions.

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By outlining measurable performance metrics, Foresight helps to validate that decisions are made with those goals squarely in focus.

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  • Review overall business goals for digital
  • Identify any potential ROI expectations
  • Establish key performance indicators
  • Set up metrics and tracking for KPI’s
  • Discuss standard maintenance schedule
  • Review reporting and answer open questions

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  • Ongoing analytics review
  • KPI and general business goal review
  • Review current quarter achievements
  • Planning for upcoming quarter
  • Address any technical issues or concerns
  • Discuss and prioritize UX enhancements

Foresight Includes

  • Security audits and patching
  • Third-party and library maintenance updates
  • Analytics review, analysis and recommendations
  • General digital strategy and planning
  • Usability & user experience review
  • Production issue resolution
  • Code clean up & refactoring for improved performance

Through ongoing analysis of analytics, user experience, usability and performance metrics, Accella has a constant eye towards making recommendations that enhance results. Foresight breathes life into your web and mobile properties and provides a strategic vision for their future.

Outside of digital strategy, Foresight also protects your digital assets by proactively addressing security risks and performance issues. This allows our combined teams to focus on enhancements rather than simply reacting to issues.

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Program Details/Fine Print

  • Monthly retainer based on projected hours
  • Hours used will be reported monthly
  • Unused hours roll over
  • Items with more than an 8 hour estimate require approval
  • Quarterly review of work, client concerns and strategy

With Foresight your team is no longer left to simply react to issues, or worse yet, let your digital experiences languish and never realize their full potential. Accella leverages Fore-sight to visualize the future of your digital property and ensure that it drives the proper results for your business.