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At Accella, we are constantly evaluating trends in technology. As such, we’ve compiled our knowledge and expertise into a series of blogs and Q&A’s’that can help answer both the most simple and more complex questions that are swirling around your organization. So sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor.


Driving Member Empowerment: CUES’ Established Dashboard

For the Credit Union Executive Society (CUES), the hyper-personalized dashboard has become a cornerstone of member benefit access, serving over 2,000 users monthly. Through its intuitive interface, members can effortlessly explore a comprehensive array of offerings, including exclusive discounts, educational resources, and networking opportunities. By…

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Waterpik’s Black Friday Conversion Success Through Personalized Push Notifications

Waterpik faced the challenge of converting app users into purchasers on Black Friday with a methodical push notification campaign. Each week, targeted messages were sent, customized for various user segments based on their preferred flosser type. Providing personalized, exclusive deals allowed users to look forward…

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Empowering Product Ownership: Amplifying the User’s Voice

In the dynamic realm of product ownership, success is intricately tied to our ability to understand and champion the needs of the user. Our primary mission as product owners is to ensure that every decision we make is guided by the voice of the user.…

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Ask the Experts

What’s the difference between a dynamic and a static mobile app?

I have an idea for a mobile application; in looking around for pricing, I see a lot of articles and blog posts that reference a "static" app and a "dynamic" app. What is the difference between the two, and why does a dynamic app cost…

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Will Not Having a Contact Page Affect SEO?

I'm creating a website but don't plan on having a contact page on it, will my page still be ranked with Google, or will this hurt my SEO?

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Meta Keywords and Their Importance

I've heard from quite a few people that adding keywords in a site's meta-tag is not important for SEO, why do they still have them then and should I worry about them?

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