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At Accella, we are constantly evaluating trends in technology. As such, we’ve compiled our knowledge and expertise into a series of blogs and Q&A’s’that can help answer both the most simple and more complex questions that are swirling around your organization. So sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor.


Rediscover the Magic: How to Fall in Love with Your Website Again

Remember when your website was new, exciting, and filled with potential? When you couldn’t help but smile as soon as it appeared in your browser? Do you still feel that way?  Over time, that spark can fade. It started with small changes in the content,…

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Key Themes from MMC+Tech 2024!

MMC+Tech has ended and you're back at work filled with new ideas, energy, and new connections. So what's next? Post-conference letdown can be a real thing, and we're here to help. Here are our team's biggest takeaways from MMC+Tech 2024 - and how we can…

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Limb Lab Connect: Enablng Accessibility with QR Code Postcards

We embarked on a mission to enhance accessibility to the LimbLab Connect app by providing each location with QR code postcards. These postcards serve as a seamless gateway for users to swiftly download the app onto their devices while in-office. This innovative approach aims to…

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Ask the Experts

What’s the difference between a dynamic and a static mobile app?

I have an idea for a mobile application; in looking around for pricing, I see a lot of articles and blog posts that reference a "static" app and a "dynamic" app. What is the difference between the two, and why does a dynamic app cost…

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Will Not Having a Contact Page Affect SEO?

I'm creating a website but don't plan on having a contact page on it, will my page still be ranked with Google, or will this hurt my SEO?

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Meta Keywords and Their Importance

I've heard from quite a few people that adding keywords in a site's meta-tag is not important for SEO, why do they still have them then and should I worry about them?

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