The Insurance Industry is Ripe for
Technology Disruption

Whether digital applications, automated underwriting, or optimized claims adjustments, there are a variety of areas where technology can help insurance companies compete in saturated markets. No matter your company size, technology is a user-centric tool that enhances your customer experience, and can lower your premiums.
Knowledge of HIPAA compliance, PCI compliance, the underwriting and claims adjustment processes, and the way challenger brands compete in a regional or niche market gives Accella a perspective that your typical development shop can’t offer. Our experience working in the industry helps us strategize to overcome the unique challenges faced by insurance companies.

Website Redesign

Whether driving leads, highlighting company values or attracting new agents, Accella can help bring a voice to your brand in a way that takes the ever-growing mobile trend into account. With a focus on personalization, user experience, mobile optimization, and ease of content management, Accella can help alleviate the struggles typically associated with a complex redesign.

Inbound Leads

With an increasing percentage of the population, including aging individuals, owning and utilizing digital devices – namely computers, mobile phones, and social accounts – having a digital presence is becoming more and more crucial to compete in the marketplace. Accella can help navigate the myriad of communication platforms to help drive business towards the most effective avenue for digital advertising and marketing.

Sales Tools

Whether it is a simple sales application that pulls the latest and greatest brochures and videos, or a process-driven application that allows agents to get quotes and sign up new clients on the spot, Accella has the experience to provide proven sales tools that will help grow and optimize your sales team and help eliminate errors in the underwriting process.

Claims Adjustment

Giving your customers the ability to start claims adjustment is the most efficient way to optimize the process. Customers can be the first step in identifying the severity and validity of a claim. This can give you a first glimpse into the scale of an issue and help recognize when a human adjuster is needed to intervene.

Customer Portals

Allowing your members to have quick and easy access to account information, claims updates, and policy details is crucial to a positive customer experience (and lower customer service call volume). Accella has experience with a variety of technologies and platforms that can be used as a baseline for customer portals that integrate with existing systems and technology architectures.

Our Projects


Implementing a user-friendly interface, Accella built the MACXpress Mobile (iPad) App to help the Prudential wholesale marketing team do in-field presentations with access to marketing materials. Keeping in mind Prudential’s large size, this app makes it easy to keep everyone up-to-date and ensures that marketers maintain consistent messaging and branding.