Accella Cares

Helping charitable organizations and non-profits that need support with technology projects.

Since 2018 Accella has been committing a portion of our time to help smaller charitable organizations and non-profits with their digital needs. This is the “Accella Cares” campaign.

We are looking to connect with organizations that could use our support.

We will donate 40 – 80 hrs of our
time every quarter to support a
new organization with their
technology projects

In 2020, we provided this Service to HCAR Cares (more details below). We are looking for similar organizations to support.

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We pick a new organization a few times a year! Follow us on LinkedIn to get updates on our new clients and their launches!

Project Highlight

HCAR Cares

HCAR CARES, a charitable foundation, provides our Community with opportunities to raise awareness and to Reach, Enrich and Support those in need. Their organization has a vision of improving the quality of life for members within the community in Howard County and beyond. The foundation provides support through charitable, educational and humanitarian efforts - making them a perfect candidate for our Accella Cares Program!

Accella helped HCAR Cares by designing and creating a brand-new website for their foundation! We are so excited to be involved in the beginning stages of such a great organization!

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