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We expertly design and develop websites and mobile apps tailored for nonprofit organizations and help further their mission.

We Help Nonprofits Connect, Activate, and Educate Their Most Important Audiences Through Thoughtful Digital Experiences.

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Your donors don't just prefer personalized digital experiences - they're demanding it. The nonprofits that are prospering are customizing their messaging, offerings, and online experiences to each individual based on their individual engagement and donor behaviors.



A donor that's not engaged won't be a donor very long. The majority of the interactions you'll have with your donors will be online - through your website, mobile app, social media channels and email. We help associations create memorable digital experiences that inform, educate, and keep them connected.



Nonprofits have a treasure trove of data - but chances are it's siloed in different platforms, or not being used. By unifying your data and leveraging AI and machine learning, you can identify trends and patterns that you can tap into to create meaningful interactions with your donors.



Mobile apps are a great way to engage with your donors, foster community, and cut through the clutter of email. Push notifications alert your audience when action is critical and your app experience can minimize the clicks to donate or share. Let's start communicating with your members on demand and stay top of mind.

Our Work.

This is how —Thinking Across Digital— delivers exceptional results.

Our Work.

“We hire the best people regardless of location.”

Jason King, President

Get to know us

Get to know us
I started Accella with the idea that it would be a fully remote team with the best people I could find, regardless of location. I wanted a team that both our clients and our individual team members could depend on. I wanted to have a company that had a strong work / life balance and the ability to have flexibility in our employees schedules.
- Jason King, CEO

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