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Jeff has held many positions and worn many hats within the world of I.T. He received his BBA in Information Systems and started out as a programmer. He then shifted gears and moved into a network sysadmin role building and managing local and wide area networks. Later he moved into project management, performing hardware and software testing, evaluation and implementation. He also received his MBA during this time.

After over 10 years in the I.T. industry, Jeff decided to take a sabbatical and spend 2 months backpacking in Europe. After returning home, he became a massage therapist and practiced massage in the Teton mountain bliss of Jackson Hole for several years. He then decided to take another sabbatical, this time through Central America for 4 months. After returning to Austin, Texas, he put his business skills to work helping manage and operate an ecommerce startup company that sold ultralight backpacking gear.

Jeff then returned to I.T. as a software QA analyst and was equipped with a job that could be performed from anywhere. Jeff took that opportunity to buy a motorhome and become a "technomad", much like Cherie and Chris of www.technomadia.com fame, and spent a summer working from the road in Colorado and Wyoming.

Other than traveling, Jeff enjoys backpacking, reading, snowboarding, surfing and attending festivals of all kinds. This year Jeff is indulging another of his passions by taking some wilderness therapy courses as personal and professional development. Jeff makes his home in Austin, Texas but will spend some time on the road this spring and summer in Oregon and Colorado.

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