Oh No! A Quick Guide to Drupal Backup Strategies

The Scenario Many of us have been there – we walk into the office on Monday morning, go to the break room to grab a cup of coffee before we sit down to our workstation, intending to ease in to the day. Our email client is started up and immediately a flood of emails marked “urgent” […]

Redirect drupal comment submissions to the page the user commented on

Recently, a client who displays most of his content through views asked me to address an issue with comment submission. This Drupal 6 site made heavy use of views in order to render nodes in various states. Users were being confused when they submitted a form on a page with a buy button but after […]

Cache, a Web Developer’s Friend

In my experience, cache has not been my friend.  Rather than being strapped for it, I’ve often found myself with just too much cache.  I’ll be pounding away at a stylesheet for twenty to thirty minutes – clueless, of course, as to why my changes are having no effect – when suddenly I smack myself […]

How Would a Content Management System Benefit My Business?

Since the advent of the browser based Internet websites have been plagued with the reality that just like the clothes in your closet, they need to be updated periodically in order to stay in fashion or in the case of a website, relevant to your audience. Stale content will turn your new business and core […]