Elevating Product Management with Firebase Cloud Notifications

In the dynamic realm of product management, effective communication stands as a cornerstone. As a product manager navigating the intricacies of user engagement and sales, Firebase Cloud Notifications has become an invaluable resource for elevating our strategies. Implementing Firebase allows us to establish real-time communication, instantly connecting with users. Picture sending tailored notifications to potential […]

User Agent Man

How to demo and test mobile web applications using Chrome and User Agents to simulate a mobile device.

Cache, a Web Developer’s Friend

In my experience, cache has not been my friend.  Rather than being strapped for it, I’ve often found myself with just too much cache.  I’ll be pounding away at a stylesheet for twenty to thirty minutes – clueless, of course, as to why my changes are having no effect – when suddenly I smack myself […]

iPhone App Development Timeline

This is a rough time line which shows the approximate time it takes to move through the various phases in developing an iPhone app. While the typical time line is usually 2.5 to 3 months, it can take less or more time depending upon the complexity of the app.