Enterprise sales teams are going mobile and Accella is leading the way in building applications to support individuals in the field.

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The days of lugging around sales brochures and laptops for onsite presentations are over. Sales teams need dynamic tools that help them craft an customized story to their prospect.

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From presentation builders featuring constantly updated and corporate approved content to ROI calculators and video presentations, mobile applications such as the ones that Accella built for ZOLL make sure that the sales team has the latest and greatest information to help them close a deal.

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These applications have built in analytics tracking that helps marketing and sales managers understand usage real-time, helping to better understand sales performance as well as what content is most useful to the individuals in the field.

Our work for ZOLL is just the tip of the iceberg. With applications built for the likes of Prudential Insurance and Vulcan Equipment, Accella has a robust portfolio of work in the enterprise space.