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AHLA Foundation Website

Enabling "people-first" non-profit storytelling through flexible design systems.

Program pillars, easily explained.

AHLA Foundation's former site failed to showcase the breadth of the Foundation's programming. Through changes to the information architecture and highly-interactive components, the Foundation presented a simplified look at their program pillars..

Show, not tell.

Nearly all the flexible layouts on the new site account for either photos or videos - a nod to AHLA Foundation's commitment to showing the real people impacted by their programs.

Human impact, quantified and displayed

The AHLA Foundation had great statistics that showed their positive impact on the hospitality industry, but they were getting buried in dense text. Through the use of creative layouts, the statistics were elevated to be more visible, so visitors could easily understand the organization's impact.

desktop display

Key actions, always available.

AHLA Foundation's primary website goal is to encourage users to donate to their organization. Donating has never been easier - with an ever-present "Contribute" navigation item and a combination of thoughtful design components placed strategically across the site, users can donate from any corner of the site, whenever they feel inspired to give.