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Leveraging AI + Wearables to Increase Driver Safety

Machine learning models process real-time wearable data to identify rising fatigue levels of long-haul truck drivers.

Instant Fatigue Detection Alerts

The BlyncSync platform consumes real-time data streams from smart glasses that track blink rate. As changes in the trucker’s blink pattern emerge, both the driver and their dispatchers are notified of the anomalies that indicate fatigue.

Personalized Models

The platform leverages AI and machine learning techniques to map standard blink patterns for individual drivers in order to personalize fatigue detection.

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Data Visualization Drives Actions

The smart glasses provide a constant stream of data to be analyzed. The mobile app and dispatcher dashboard both leverage data visualization in order to provide easy to understand fatigue patterns and quickly identify a driver with declining metrics.

Human Impacts

By keeping fatigued drivers off the road, BlyncSync’s platform saves lives. In leveraging the latest innovations in automation and designing data displays that alert and drive action, Accella is the driving force behind this transformational technology.