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Cannabis Patient-Focused App Helps You Track & Customize Relief

The Curio Wellness app puts patients’ medical cannabis journey in the palm of their hands.

Most Innovative Medicinal Cannabis App on The Market

Curio Wellness is innovating in the space of medical cannabis. They provide education, information and a space to journal about each experience the patient has with their products.

Patient First Approach

The Curio Wellness app puts patients’ medicinal cannabis journey in the palm of their hands. It provides valuable information and insights, a clear path to purchase and historical data that the patient can look back on to see how their journey has progressed over time. Speak to an expert via email or find a location where you can chat with a budtender in person.

The Future of Branded Medicinal Cannabis Apps

Accella will continuously make improvements on the Curio Wellness app. We make data driven decisions to ensure that patients are getting every benefit possible. Next we will be creating a rating system for patients to discover products that others have highly rated for symptoms they are experiencing. We will be expanding the product suite and alerting patients when new products are available in their area in real time. We will always have a “patient first” approach and utilize reviews and market research to ensure that each patient’s needs are met with the holistic view that Curio Wellness takes to provide their patients relief.