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Deeper content, more conversions.

ClosedLoop's award-winning site was built in record time and increased conversion activity by over 300%

Collaborative project approach

The client and Accella design, strategy and development teams collaborated closely to optimize highly-branded designs for optimal user experience and flexbility.

Designed with content in mind

Product marketing teams distilled complex technical features and expertise into easy-to-digest benefits to tell a stronger product and service story. Designing with this content in mind allowed both the client and the Accella team to leverage front-end design to further clarify and streamline complex information.

Ready, set, sprint

Collective agency and client teams collaborated closely via sprint methodology to rebuild, populate, test and launch the site in record time.

group of devices with website displayed

Complex content distribution — automated

Strategy and development teams implemented multiple "archives" and "related content" feeds to avoid dead ends and simultaneously simplify the content editing experience.