B2B, Healthcare, and Medical Devices | Data Strategy & Visualization, IoT/Connected Device, Native App, and Web App

Digital transformation of data allowing seamless B2B sales and ordering

FLAVORx was founded to make medicine more comfortable, we optimized a transformative data experience to ensure that customers sales, ordering and data is available in one, easy to digest cloud platform.

Optimize your sales team and time spent.

Increase your sales by analyzing your data all in one place. See insights on ordering patterns, low inventory and favorite products to make informed decisions before it’s too late!

Join the IOT by connecting your device for real time updates and insights.

With OTA updates, real time analysis and actionable insights you’ll never miss low inventory, customer preferences or sales opportunities again.

Data Visualization with actionable insights

Cloud based system allows for customers to see popularity of products, inventory levels and place an order all in one, easy to use system.

FLAVORX Dashboard