Consumer and Energy & Power | IoT/Connected and Mobile App

Helping independent retailers stay competitive with other national brands.

As a future forward technology offering, the client wanted an app to engage consumers earlier in their journey and influence buying decisions.

As an MVP product, we can help validate features and new technologies without going all-in right away.

From Bluetooth Beacon technology for customer detection at the forecourt, to a Braintree integration for account management, the Gilbarco app needed to pull together many different technologies that all had to work together to create an all new payment experience app that provided convenience for the consumer, while driving brand loyalty, and thus increasing client revenues.

Beacon + Location Awareness

We used the MVP phase to test and enable beacon communications to auto-detect nearby pump locations. A manual pump location override was also created for those with bluetooth disabled and as a backup when connectivity issues occurred. Push notifications were sent when the customer was near a beacon.

The MVP phase also allowed us to work with the Gilbarco team to test user flows and iterations.

Prototypes were designed by Accella for the Gilbarco team to evaluate several user experiences, which helped simplify the user journey into an easy to use fuel selection and payment process.

  • Drive up and verify the pump number automatically selected
  • Select fuel volume/amount
  • Select payment preference
  • Authorize fueling
  • Display fueling progress
  • Provide a receipt