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Tap. Tap. Swipe.
Bring the Heat.

The Heatable app makes ordering heating oil easy by selecting your price, delivery date, and gallons needed.

Don't let the easy UX and company branded UI fool you.

This app is a lot more complex behind the scenes than you may first think, as the app is able to provide real time prices from the constantly changing heating oil market, and connects to the Heatable scheduling system which allows customers to setup their own delivery dates.

Making payments easier.

Heatable initially came to us looking for help in simplifying their ordering process. We were able to consolidate the user experience into fewer screens which made ordering faster and easier.

Adding more locations doesn't mean adding more complexity.

We were next tasked with creating a new user experience for customers with multiple delivery locations. This new feature included Ordering, Scheduling, and Managing Locations. During an iterative wireframe process, we found that a horizontal swipe user experience worked best, which we also carried over to a new "one click" selection for choosing how many gallons were to be purchased.

Heatable screen previews