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International Masonry Institute Website

Empowering stronger storytelling and promoting union labor to create a safer, better built world.

Revamping the homepage to showcase the IMI brand.

IMI used their high-traffic homepage to clearly communicate their brand story by incorporating their mission and key organizational values, instead of limiting that content to a separate "About" page.

Rebuilding strategically to reduce client resource demands.

Prioritizing a handful of standard layouts allowed IMI to streamline content creation for key new pages, and allowed the team to defer content migration or changes for lower priority pages to after launch.

group photo of devices with IMI website screens

Diving Deeper through Rich Content, Versatile Formats

With their robust and flexible design system, IMI was able to unlock the full potential of their existing content. The client's high-quality architectural imagery and in-depth text content were fully supported by the new design system, allowing IMI to create visually stunning and informative landing pages for architects, engineers and designers to use as resources.

Technical Resources at Your Fingertips

Existing tags and technical resources were repurposed into a modernized technical specification library and feeds across the site.