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Stay informed about local air quality!

Access reliable, up-to-date information about the air pollution near you, provided by your state/local health department, municipality, or local research institution.

Reliable, accessible air quality information.

Working with the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment, we enhanced their existing app by adding several new features. We created a new map user interface, and added favorite locations, advanced notification settings, and a resources section.

Get air quality alerts
and health-based messages.

Ozone Action, Smoke Events, and Local Air Pollution Alerts are from the sites and partners you choose to follow. Health-based messages notify you of actionable steps you can take to reduce your personal exposure to air pollution.

Learn more about different pollutants in your air and how it impacts your health.

New educational resources for students, principals, nurses, teachers, and community members provide information about air pollution, including PM2.5. These resources include toolkits developed by the Love My Air Program.