Energy | Data Strategy & Visualization, IoT/Connected Device, and Web App

Refactoring code and design.

Helping clients transform their internal ideas, projects, and prototypes into viable commercial products.

Helping clients take their in-house products to the next level.

The client had been developing an internal dashboard for their team to use and adding more features over time. As more people used it, the performance started to slow since it wasn’t initially built for what it turned into. Accella was tasked with helping to optimize and stabilize the real-time monitoring and diagnostics so this smaller internal dashboard could be transformed into a viable commercial product.

Iterative design allows us to create and test ideas quickly.

While the Accella and Mitsubishi Power engineering teams worked on their tasks, our design team worked with their engineers on a new UI/UX for commercial use. Several design iterations were made as we refined the layout and theme of the new dashboard ensuring the new design was both desktop and mobile friendly.