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Insurance Education & Protection for Homeowners

NAIC’s Home Inventory app provides a sense of security when disaster strikes.

A Simple & Free Home Inventory Tool

NAIC’ s Home Inventory app provides users with a simple, ad-free solution to their home inventory needs, with no limit to the amount of inventory that can be added.

Supported By Insurance Companies

Through serial number barcode scanning, photo and video capture, the app captures all of the information that insurance companies require for reimbursement in the case of a disaster.

“Take inventory. Creating an inventory of your home’s contents can maximize what you’ll receive when filing a claim with your insurer."

New York Times

Secure & Safe

In order to keep personal data safe, all content is stored locally and available for export at any time.

Educating Consumers

The app provides the latest advice on how to ensure your home inventory meets insurance requirements and advice should the worst happen to your home.