Healthcare | IoT/Connected and Mobile App

Saving Lives Through Innovation

The OrganTrans app supported the first ever organ transplant via drone delivery in the US. Improving transplant patient outcomes and increasing the availability of organ donations is at the heart of this initiative.

Reporting Critical
Organ-In-Transit Data

The OrganTrans app receives, processes and displays real-time IoT data related to factors that could impact the organ’s viability, including temperature, vibrations and more.

Forecasting Organ Arrival

Real-time location updates enable transplant teams and patients to be ready for organ arrival.

Impacting Patient Outcomes

Whether via unmanned aircraft or traditional transportation, the location tracking and organ-in-transit monitoring provided by the app can positively impact patient outcomes. HIPAA compliant data retention allows for future clinical trials to improve efficacy.

Rapid Proof of Concept & Product Roadmap

Our product development process allowed TLI to get to market quickly via a series of rapid prototype releases followed by a more intensive product roadmapping exercise that included interviews with key stakeholders including nurses and surgeons.