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Simpli. A Tenant Engagement App

Simpli reimagines traditional location-based concierge services and transforms tenant engagement through a curated digital experience.

The Digital Transformation of Concierge Services

Simpli (formerly Charm City Concierge) transformed their business model in 2019, leveraging mobile technology to elevate the workplace experience. No longer constrained to in-person interactions, Simpli allows tenants to access curated programs and experiences, an exclusive digital discount program and concierge services that are unique to their building.

Dynamic, Personalized Experiences

The Simpli app increases the company’s marketing and service agility by enabling dynamic branding, targeted experiences and hyper-personalized offers based on multiple data points about the customer.

Engaging and Re-engaging Tenants

The app drives regular engagement through time-based local business offers, curated building events, exclusive ticket sales and more. Robust push notification controls ensure targeted promotions reach the right property at the right time.

Service Management System

Enabling concierge’s to manage marketing and promotions as well as customers' orders, our custom service management system provides end to end support for the business.

An Award-Winning and Revenue Driving Experience

Since the app’s launch, Simpli (formerly Charm City Concierge) has experienced 10% revenue growth in less than a year, and a 15% increase in the square footage the firm manages. Additionally, Simpli won the 2019 The Best of Small Business Award for mobile apps and Charm City Concierge was named ‘Tech Influencer of the Year’.