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Floss smarter, not harder!

This app helps guide you through your first 2 weeks of water flossing via daily reminders, tracking and widgets.

Making existing apps better.

After a review of their existing app and strategy sessions with the client, it was determined the next iteration of the app needed to better visualize a participants progress during their 14 Day challenge.

Build and Track your Streak

Adding new features like widgets, a progress calendar, and a new menu system gave us the opportunity to help participants on multiple levels. Additionally, a new facts and tips section was created to make sure the participant was water flossing correctly.

Encouraging participation everyday.

Participants stay motivated with daily reminders, inspirational quotes and success messaging after each day is logged. If a participant misses a few days they even have the ability to restart their challenge in order to keep them motivated by not letting them give up.

waterpik 3 app screens