Keep Calm and Remote On

Transitioning to Working From Home? If you find yourself working remotely for the first time, we’re here to provide our guidance and expertise. We have put together some tips and tricks to help you work effectively while 100% remote.  Worried About Going Remote? Many people find themselves working remotely for the first time this week. […]

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) Part 4: An Executive’s POV

Click Here To Start With Part 1: The Limitations No One is Telling You In this 5 part series, you’ll hear from development and user experience experts as well as our President about the pitfalls and advantages of PWAs. And finally, when we recommend them and when we don’t.  Do Progressive Web Apps Match Up […]

CES 2020 Part 2: Simple Solutions, Connected Devices & Data Privacy

Day 2 was my final day at CES (Vegas and technology are a great combo, but it was time to get back to the grind). So I headed over to the Venetian to expand on my Day 1 adventures and explore deeper into the worlds of connected home and digital health – and maybe take […]

Accella’s CES 2020 Recap: Part 1 with Accella President, Jason King

Over the past few years, connectivity and IoT have become increasingly more prevalent themes at the CES shows I’ve attended.  At CES 2020, the connected vision continues towards a path of everyday reality. Whether you’re looking at connected suitcases, mirrors, HVAC filters, or really any physical part of your home, there is likely a connected […]

Don’t Build an App—Build Value

An app is a fantastic way to create a compelling experience for your customers, providing content and services they need while better aligning them to your brand. But one of the biggest mistakes we encounter is organizations seeing an app as just that—a functional deliverable. Once it’s complete, they pat each other on the back, […]