Development Trends for Q1 2015: Swift Is On the Up-and-Up

Tech industry news site Developer Economics recently released a report detailing the development trends they’ve seen in the first quarter of 2015.

Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Most developers focus only on iOS and Android – simply put, there’s not a large enough market share of Windows Phone to justify the expense of development.
  • Swift has achieved very quick popularity – specifically, DE found that 20% of their 8000 surveyed developers were using Swift in current projects just 4 months after the language’s release. This might give us a look at how many developers are preparing to have WatchKit apps ready when Apple’s new device hits the market.
  • The Internet of Things is the Next Big Thing  – The Internet is quickly moving beyond computers, phones, and even tablets. From wearables to washing machines, developers across the board are working on applications that bring new levels of functionality to otherwise inert products.

All of these findings point towards one of the biggest overarching questions for tech in 2015 – the success of the Apple Watch. With less than a month until the device’s release, developers and consumers alike are curious about how the latest addition to the iOS ecosystem will fare at the beginning of the wearables era.

Read the full report over at Developer Economics.

Sam Allen

Sam Allen

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