Waterpik’s Black Friday Conversion Success Through Personalized Push Notifications

Waterpik® Black Friday Push Notification

Waterpik faced the challenge of converting app users into purchasers on Black Friday with a methodical push notification campaign. Each week, targeted messages were sent, customized for various user segments based on their preferred flosser type. Providing personalized, exclusive deals allowed users to look forward to each notification, knowing tailored offers awaited them. When Black […]

Elevating Product Management with Firebase Cloud Notifications

In the dynamic realm of product management, effective communication stands as a cornerstone. As a product manager navigating the intricacies of user engagement and sales, Firebase Cloud Notifications has become an invaluable resource for elevating our strategies. Implementing Firebase allows us to establish real-time communication, instantly connecting with users. Picture sending tailored notifications to potential […]

Development Trends for Q1 2015: Swift Is On the Up-and-Up

Tech industry news site Developer Economics recently released a report detailing the development trends they’ve seen in the first quarter of 2015. Here are a few key takeaways: Most developers focus only on iOS and Android – simply put, there’s not a large enough market share of Windows Phone to justify the expense of development. Swift has […]

South By Southwest App Roundup

Every spring, thousands of people flock to Austin, Texas for South By Southwest, a film and music festival that in recent years has opened with a very successful tech conference. South By Southwest Interactive, or SXSWi, has been the launching point for several innovative startups in past years – most notably Twitter in 2007 and […]

Going From iPhone Developer to Android Developer in 10 seconds

Ok so it did not really take 10 seconds. I had been developing iPhone apps for a while; but an urgent need had arisen for someone to do an Android project and they asked if I would be willing to do it. Well, I like learning new things so I jumped in. For anyone else […]