Waterpik’s Black Friday Conversion Success Through Personalized Push Notifications

Waterpik faced the challenge of converting app users into purchasers on Black Friday with a methodical push notification campaign. Each week, targeted messages were sent, customized for various user segments based on their preferred flosser type.

Providing personalized, exclusive deals allowed users to look forward to each notification, knowing tailored offers awaited them. When Black Friday finally arrived, the impact of these personalized incentives was undeniable. Thanks to these personalized messages, Waterpik saw a significant uptick in Black Friday purchases directly attributable to their campaign.

By leveraging the power of targeted push notifications, Waterpik not only drove immediate sales but also strengthened their relationship with app users, fostering loyalty that extends well beyond the holiday shopping rush. This success stands as a testament to the effectiveness of strategic messaging in the competitive landscape of e-commerce.

Ashley Frost

Ashley Frost

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