What Accella Looks For in Our Employees

A reporter recently sent along an inquiry asking what kind of skills do we look for when hiring designers & developers. Now, we’re not talking about what code languages they know, or which software programs they understand, but rather what general skills are we interested in when looking for people to work at Accella.

Below are the thoughts of Jason King, CEO of Accella. Our clients expect our best work each and every time we take on a project, so we need to make sure that the people we have working on their projects can provide that and more, without fail.


Besides the basics of being a strong developer and having experience with the technologies we are hiring for, here are the two biggest things I look for in a potential hire:


Once a developer is in the door, here are some of the key components to advancing your career within Accella:

In all, the atmosphere at Accella is not one of micro-managing and heavy oversight, we hire competent, strong developers who are entrusted to complete their tasks and projects on time, and at a high level of execution. If you feel that you have the above talents, and can work in a fast-paced, free atmosphere, then maybe you could become a part of this fast-growing, award-winning organization.

Think you have what it takes? Take a look at our current job openings and let us know why you should be Accella’s next great employee!