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Is There A Limit To The Number of Backlinks I Can Create Each Day?

I read in a blog that we should restrict backlink creation to 3 to 5 links per day. If we create more backlinks what will happen? And what bothers Google? I am not doing any automated backlinks but rather genuinely writing articles and creating backlinks. So I believe google should not worry about it.

I am just a new blogger looking to succeed.

It's All About Quality, Not Quantity

I’m not sure which blog you are referencing, however there is no limit to the number of backlinks that you should be creating each day. However, the more relevant and strong the backlink, the better it will help your site. Likewise the better, more powerful the content on your site, the easier you will find it to earn good quality backlinks.

For instance, if you have a passion for restoring old cars and have a blog that talks all about it, how to restore them, cool restoration projects that you’ve seen, and new and different ways people are restoring cars, you’ll want to earn backlinks from other websites that talk about cars and specifically restoring old cars. If you are simply trying to find backlinks from a ton of non-related industries, such as a blog about knitting or a website that sells school supplies, it really won’t do you much good.

So the best advice for earning backlinks, Quality works over Quantity every time.