Website Development

Will Not Having a Contact Page Affect SEO?

I'm creating a website but don't plan on having a contact page on it, will my page still be ranked with Google, or will this hurt my SEO?

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How Do I add Sharing Buttons To My Site

I want to make it easier for my visitors to share content from my website on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, how do I do that?

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What Happens Now That GoDaddy Purchased Media Temple?

GoDaddy recently purchased Media Temple. What does this mean for Media Temple customers? Especially ones that aren't happy with GoDaddy's hosting services?

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How Do I Track Visitors On My Website?

I've recently launched my website and I want to see who is using and what they are doing while they are on there. What's the best way to track that information?

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Does Capitalization of Title Tags Affect SEO Ranking?

When optimizing my site for search engines, I know to put the title tags in the header, only use one title tag per page, and make sure that it is relavent to the page, but I was wondering if the capitalization matters? Is "ORANGE BASEBALL…

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