How Do Apps Make Money?

My company is looking to create a mobile app, however we have some internal debate on where the ROI comes from with mobile apps? How can we make money by building a mobile app?

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Is There any way to Dynamically Change an App Icon?

I want to create an iPhone application, and I want to dynamically update the app icon similarly to how the calendar icon updates on a user's homescreen, is that possible? Additionally, is there any control over presentation in the notifications center. If you look at…

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How Do Promotional Codes for iPhone and iPad Apps Work?

I'm looking for ways to promote my iPhone app, is there a way that I can let bloggers and reviewers test out the app without having to pay for it?

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Should I Develop In-House or Outsource?

I'm looking to build a mobile application for my company. I have an in-house web developer that isn't too familiar with mobile apps but said he can do the work. I'm wondering what are the pros and cons of going with this route versus hiring…

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How Do I Get Started Building A Mobile App

I want to have an app developed, but am nervous because our company has no expertise in this area. How do I get started? Sincerely, Lost On Where To Go

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