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What importance does a Facebook Page or Website Serve to Help with Marketing My App?

We are having an app developed to help build knowledge of our product line. Why should I consider building a Facebook page and/or Website as well? Isn’t the app enough?

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Dear MAP,

Without knowing the full details of what you do, what products you have, and your customers it is a little difficult to give a full, detailed answer, but I will say for the most part that you want to support and promote your product line as much as possible. Whether that includes building a mobile app, taking out ads in newspapers or hiring sky-writers, having support, more importantly, marketing support behind your product is crucial to their success.

Think of who your audience is, what information they are looking for, and how they want to access that information. Is it something that they want to have access to while on the go? Is it something they want to do in-depth research on, view pictures, see videos, and read PDFs?

In general, I say the more ways that you can provide quality information to your customers the better. So if that means integrating Facebook to your application, providing information on a website, or building a mobile app, you should investigate every option.

Additionally, integrating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, Pintrest, or whatever new social media platform emerges will only help build your brand, product, app, and user-base by letting your customers share with their friends, family, colleagues, and business partners. (Ok, maybe not MySpace) You never know who they might know that might need what you provide. It’s all about that six-degrees of Kevin Bacon, of course, it’s more six-degrees of “your widgets” but it’s all the same.

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