What Happens Now That GoDaddy Purchased Media Temple?

GoDaddy recently purchased Media Temple. What does this mean for Media Temple customers? Especially ones that aren't happy with GoDaddy's hosting services?

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How Do I Track Visitors On My Website?

I've recently launched my website and I want to see who is using and what they are doing while they are on there. What's the best way to track that information?

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What To Look For In Website Hosting Providers

I'm looking to build a website and was wondering what should I look for in a hosting provider? I thought buying the domain was all I needed to do. Where do I find hosting for my site? Can I just go with where I purchased…

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What Does “Not Provided” or “Secure Search” Mean When Looking at Google Analytics Reports

Google is by far the largest driver of traffic to our website. However, I've noticed in my analytics reports that the largest keyword in the report is showing up as (Not Provided) or (Secure Search) when I look at Google Analytics and even in other…

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Does Capitalization of Title Tags Affect SEO Ranking?

When optimizing my site for search engines, I know to put the title tags in the header, only use one title tag per page, and make sure that it is relavent to the page, but I was wondering if the capitalization matters? Is "ORANGE BASEBALL…

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