Accella is Accepted to the iOS Developer Enterprise Program

Accella Announces They Have Been Accepted
To The iOS Developer Enterprise Program

The Developer Enterprise Program Will Aid in
Testing Mobile Enterprise Applications on iPhones and iPads

June 26, 2013 – Baltimore, MD: Leading interactive mobile & web design company, Accella, announced that they have applied for, and been accepted, to the iOS Developer Enterprise Program with Apple Inc. The program will greatly enhance Accella’s ability to build and test enterprise applications on multiple iOS devices and operating systems as well as share those applications for testing with their clients.

Previously Accella was limited on the number of devices they were able to test with, and the number of people that could test, according to Jacob Haskins, Director of Mobile Development at Accella. “With an iOS standard developer account, you are limited to 100 device UIDs that you can test with per account and you can only clean out devices once per year. With the new Developer Enterprise Program we can post an app to our server, then grant our employees and client’s access to their apps so that they can test them without any worries about exceeding a limit.”

Joining the program was necessary to keep up with Accella’s growth expectations over the coming year said Steve Demby, Chief Operating Officer at Accella. “We have added project managers, developers, and quality assurance personnel over the past six months. Additionally, many of our clients are building enterprise mobile applications which requires more in depth testing using more individuals; eliminating any restrictions on the number of Apple UIDs we can install applications on is going to be instrumental in our continued growth.”

While the program does not allow a developer to publish directly to the Apple iTunes store, Accella is still a member of the standard developer program and primarily builds applications for clients to submit through their own developer account.

Jon Stroz

Jon Stroz

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