Android 10 is Here—This is the One Place You Must Invest

Google’s announcement of its Android 10 mobile operating system in May 2019 had the developer world talking about the possibilities of this new offering. The company’s first non-dessert themed operating system, it was released on September 3 to Google Pixel devices and will start rolling out to other devices in the coming weeks and months.

What’s Worth It When It Comes to Android 10?

We’re often asked this question, “If I’m going to make the investment in upgrading my apps to support the rollout of Android 10, where should I focus my efforts?

Here’s our answer: If you focus on one element of the Android 10 release, focus on the dark mode theme that’s now available. 

This feature has been requested by users and developers alike. It offers app creators the opportunity to build a custom dark theme that’s easier on the eyes while promising to support a longer battery life. 

Dark mode provides new customization opportunities, making your apps have a new, unique look or feel. This is certainly where we recommend investing your resources for this update. 

Other Android 10 Updates

  • Gesture navigation for a more intuitive, immersive user experience. 
  • Multi-window support to enable screen continuity as a device folds and unfolds.
  • 5G platform support to deliver faster speeds and less latency.
  • Live captioning of media, including videos, podcasts, and audio messages, making apps more accessible for a wider audience.
  • Smart reply to provide contextual responses in messaging that improve over time with machine learning.
  • Privacy and location controls that provide more options for users and developers.
  • Security updates that are easier for users to implement.
  • Family link that empowers parents to manage how their children interact online.

The full feature details are available here. These updates are very exciting for app developers, providing even more opportunities to create meaningful user experiences through the apps they build.

Ready to Embrace Android 10?

Have questions about the Android 10 release and whether your apps can utilize its features? Let’s walk through it together. Fill out the form below and we’ll chat about the right fit for you. 

Kevin Lynch

Kevin Lynch

Kevin is an experienced designer currently focused on UI Design for Mobile and Web as well as html/css coding. Over the years he has had the opportunity to delve into a variety of online experiences including Email Marketing, Banner Ads, Search Engine Optimization, E-commerce and several types of CMS solutions.

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