Apple Watch Is Coming; Check Out How Apps Will Look

The existence of the Apple Watch has been public knowledge for sometime, but it was only yesterday that the company announced a finalized shipping date – April 24, 2015. In addition to demonstrating some of the device’s more nuanced features, Apple VP of Technology Kevin Lynch also gave us a preview as to how some of the most familiar apps will look and function on the Watch.

Much like the iPhone, users will interact with Watch apps largely through the touchscreen, with only a scant amount of functionality relegated to the side buttons. The demonstration included previews of how apps like Uber, Instagram, and Twitter will work on the device, in addition to showcasing how it will be integrated into the customer experience of companies like W Hotels and American Airlines.

You can check out the app demos over at TechCrunch.

Since we’re on the subject on the Apple Watch, I thought I’d also let you know that we we here at Accella have a little something coming out real soon about Apple’s latest consumer device. Keep your eyes peeled.

Sam Allen

Sam Allen

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