Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference Happened Last Week: What Does That Mean for Your Business?

Last week developers from around the world got together to understand what changes will be made for Apple in 2019. As usual, Apple unveiled an array of exciting news – teasing us with iOS13, brand new iPad OS, improvements to WatchOS and a new Mac Pro for experts. While there is a lot of excitement around the iPhone maker’s unveiling of their 2019 plans, there is also some concern for what it means for the functionality of existing apps.

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We have put together some highlights from the conference that could potentially help you prepare for the future updates and changes.

Highlights of WWDC 2019

iOS 13


Apple is taking safety to a new level with its iOS 13! Currently, location services run in the background without the knowledge of users. With iOS 13, apps that use location services will no longer be able to track users location without their knowledge. Users will share their location through the app just once and iOS will notify users if the app continues to use their location.

Apple is also taking more strides to minimize data collection when signing into apps. They are integrating a new option “Sign in with Apple” rather than the typical options to sign in with Google or Facebook. As Apple put it, It’s an “easy way to sign in without all the tracking.” Users will even be able to log into apps using Apple Face ID.

Not only is Apple bringing these features to iOS13, but to the web as well.


The iPhone maker also made a noteworthy announcement that app installs are now going to be 50% smaller – while updates will be a whopping 60% smaller. On top of that, apps will begin to launch 2x faster and the unlocking Face ID feature will be 30% faster!

Beyond speed and size, Apple also announced updates to the “Dark Mode” feature for iOS which allows you to change the typical bright and white layout of iOS into black, dark backgrounds when using apps like messaging, photos, music, etc. Dark Mode will now be available for 3rd party apps to take full advantage of as well.

Apple has made some distinct, exciting changes in their photo app – users will now be able to experience ultimate organization by sorting images into folders by days, months, and years. As users scroll through their folders, time-lapse and live photos will play automatically. Apple also announced they have developed a new AI algorithm that will create a new layout for multiples of the same shot – taking organization to the next level! They have also implemented easier access to photo editing and implemented the capability to edit videos right within the app.

iPad OS

Apple is bringing light to the iPad users this year – giving them their own operating system! Now the iPad will have the capability to function like a computer more so than ever before.

Some notable changes coming with the iPad OS:

  • Flash drive and memory card capabilities are being supported by the Files app.
  • Multi-window compatibility – users can split their screen within a single app! (Example: in the email app, you could drag and drop a doc between two different emails.)
  • Safari will now enable users to browse in desktop mode.
  • Widgets will be able to be pinned to users home screen.

Watch OS

With the Apple watch being the most popular smartwatch in the world, Apple is bringing some significant independence to the small, but extremely smart device by implementing an on-watch app store for instant download! No need to have an iPhone to make it functional.

What this means to you: Major cost savings in building and maintenance – no need to invest in an iPhone app to control and interact with your watch app – in the future one app is all you’ll need!

MacOS – Catalina

Potentially the most noteworthy announcement in regards to the new MacOS is the ability for iPad app developers to port their apps to MacOS. Apple has used this internally for apps such as Stocks, Voice Memos & Apple News but is now offering this capability to developers outside of Apple. Apple hopes this will create a larger number of app offerings in the Mac Apps store.

Some other MacOS worthy announcements:

  • iPads can now be paired with Macs as a side monitor or an input device.
  • iTunes will officially be gone with the new MacOS! They are splitting iTunes into three separate apps – Apple TV, Podcasts and Apple Music.
  • Apple announced its new product, the Modular Mac Pro.

Want to know how all the 2019 updates will affect your current website or applications across different Apple platforms? Ask us any questions, we’ve got your back!

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