Building Tablet Apps for the Enterprise: The Time Has Come

Having a background in rugged mobile devices and seeing the advantages that they have, it’s no surprise to me that consumer devices are starting to gain in popularity. The iPad is the obviously leader in the field, however the emergence of many Android devices is opening up many possibilities for app developers to migrate their phone apps to a table platform.

While most apps built for a phone platform can run on tablets, it is best to optimize their graphics and code to run on their larger counterparts.

Users do expect a different experience when using a mobile phone, vs. a tablet, vs. a lap top or desktop computer. More and more business users are also adopting tablets, with that, they are going to want to do more than just check e-mail, surf the web, and play some games. They are going to want to be productive, checking in on their CRM system, looking at production lines, and responding to customers; essentially they are going to want to be just as productive on the road as they are in the office without having to take their entire laptop with them.

That means more apps like dropbox which allow them to share files, or video conference services.

Think about the products and services that you currently offer for your customers, and think how can they be enhanced with a mobile app designed to run on an iPad or Android tablet.

Adoption of put together this infographic on the adoption of tablets. Here are some interesting facts:

  • 75% of all workers will have some sort of mobility associated with their job in 2011 (All Accella employees work from home)
  • 1 in 3 online consumers in the US will be using a tablet
  • In 2011, 61.3% of tablet users were using Apple’s iOS. (I’m curious to see what this number is at the end of 2012…I’m thinking it will be much less than 50%)
  • 30% of IT shops are piloting or planning custom tablet apps (Start planning yours today)

Give us a call today at 888.856.2664 to discuss your app ideas and we can help you start building it for the iPad, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile OS.

Jon Stroz

Jon Stroz

Jon Stroz is a marketing guru, mostly in online marketing strategies and brand management. After graduating from Towson University with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, he quickly became an integral part of a technology firm in Baltimore, MD. Since then Jon has honed his marketing skills and focused on online marketing strategies where he is also a Google Adwords Certified Individual.

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