Simplifying Online Event Consideration & Sign-Up: Stripe Sessions Case Study

If you're someone who's been to in-person events, you'd know that they can be pretty overwhelming, especially when you're not sure what to expect. Over the weekend, I stumbled upon the Stripe Sessions event landing page, and I have to say, it was a fantastic…

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The Next Decade of Membership: Why Associations Must Adapt to Attract Gen Z

Nothing sets the business world on fire like the entry of a new generation into the workforce. It seems like just yesterday when millennials were the subject of corporate ire as we maliciously “killed” dozens of industries while forcing organizations to freshen up to attract…

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Elevating Product Management with Firebase Cloud Notifications

In the dynamic realm of product management, effective communication stands as a cornerstone. As a product manager navigating the intricacies of user engagement and sales, Firebase Cloud Notifications has become an invaluable resource for elevating our strategies. Implementing Firebase allows us to establish real-time communication,…

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Marketing and IT: The Power Partnership To Deliver Personalization & Marketing Automation for the Business

As a marketer, you're being challenged to increase your communications' volume, effectiveness, and personalization, often with smaller teams than 5 years ago. 2024 will be an opportunistic yet challenging time of change and growth for marketing teams, requiring a critical investment of time, energy, and…

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ADA Compliance: A Pillar of Digital Trust and Brand Commitment

While many companies pursue the latest trends and technologies in the name of innovation, true innovation is deeply rooted in inclusivity. For instance, consider closed captioning, which was initially crafted for the deaf community, and ergonomic kitchen tools that were designed with arthritis patients in…

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