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Mobile Apps

WebOS 2.0 further integrates JavaScript, Node.js built-in.

While the iPhone dominates the smartphone market and Android is improving by leaps and bounds, there are other platforms out there that may surprise us with some elegant solutions in coming years. RIM and Nokia are the big players in … Continue reading

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Developing an iPhone Training Application

The popularity of the mobile platforms offered on the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile devices is no longer just a fad, it is the now and future of personal and corporate computing.   One of the areas that we see … Continue reading

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Apple Relaxing Restrictions on Developers and Trying to be More Transparent

Today Apple announced that they would be lifting restrictions set earlier this year in section 3.3.1 of their developer license agreement. This section prohibited developers from using anything other than objective-c to create iphone apps. Starting today apple will be … Continue reading

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Disable zooming on the iPhone’s browser

The iPhone has many cool features that help to increase ease of use and productivity. One such feature is ‘pinch and zoom’. It allows the user to quickly zoom in or out of the desired portion of a web page. … Continue reading

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iPhone App Development Timeline

This is a rough time line which shows the approximate time it takes to move through the various phases in developing an iPhone app. While the typical time line is usually 2.5 to 3 months, it can take less or more time depending upon the complexity of the app. Continue reading

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