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What Is The First Impression Of Your Company…..Online?

Since the browser based Internet has mainstreamed from a small user base to virtually the entire world, businesses have come to realize that their online presence is more important than ever. Having said this I am always surprised when I … Continue reading

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Using Django as a framework for a complex websites

Platforms like WordPress can serve as excellent bases for sites primarily driven by database content. Occasionally, however, WordPress can lack the necessary level of complexity needed by a web site. Using a framework like Django gives database driven sites the … Continue reading

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What is OpenID and should I use OpenID on my website?

OpenID is an alternative to the traditional way users log into a website. It is an open, decentralized means of authentication and access control, which allows users to log into several websites using the same credentials. These credentials come in … Continue reading

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Design by Committee: An Interesting Article

Smashing Magazine posted an interesting article today about Design by Committee, and why it must die. There was actually quite a bit of relevant information in the article and something that a lot of companies could use to help make … Continue reading

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PHP Application Security – Securing the mail() function

Sending email through PHP is quite common in many web applications. I frequently do this when implementing a contact form. Utilizing my skills in HTML, CSS, AJAX, and PHP I create a nice contact form that looks good, functions well, … Continue reading

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