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In an era of rapid digital transformation, it’s essential to remember that technology is an enabler, not a destination. At Accella, we believe in a people-first approach that puts your members at the center of every decision we make. While mobile strategy and apps have become integral in connecting and engaging with members, the ultimate goal remains to provide meaningful and personalized experiences that resonate with them. This ensures that even embracing technology, the human element remains intact – facilitating authentic connections, fostering community, and driving engagement. With this vision, we approach every project infusing a deep understanding of technology and your association’s unique needs to create solutions that make a difference.

Why Associations Must Invest in a Mobile Strategy and App- or Risk Being Left Behind- and How Accella Can Help

The Need for Mobile Engagement:

Traditional association websites and emails are valuable for information sharing but can create a one-way communication model. A mobile solution fosters two-way engagement, opening up dynamic conversations and strengthening bonds with members. According to the Member Engagement Study by the National Association of Realtors, 63% of association members felt more engaged when mobile communication channels were introduced. Not leveraging such a powerful tool could leave members feeling unheard and disengaged.

Digital Networking – A Non-Negotiable:

Though in-person networking events are irreplaceable, the lack of a mobile platform can stifle everyday member interactions. Accella’s strategic mobile solutions make on-demand networking a reality, allowing for continual interaction regardless of geographical boundaries. A recent ASAE report notes that 72% of members value virtual networking opportunities as essential. The lack of such networking platforms can limit engagement and may negatively impact member retention.

The Power of Data-Driven Decisions:

Without a mobile app, associations risk making assumptions-based decisions rather than data-driven ones. Accella’s mobile technology expertise ensures you gather real-time feedback, which can be leveraged to meet members’ needs effectively. The Community Brands study reveals that 76% of association members appreciate personalization based on their unique preferences. The absence of such tailored communication can result in disenchanted members.

Resource Accessibility – Empowering Members:

Without a mobile app, associations risk becoming distant resources rather than an immediate support system for their members. Accella’s mobile apps ensure valuable resources and updates are always within reach. A Tech Impact study found that 65% of members interact more frequently with associations with a mobile app. The risk of not having a mobile app could reduce member participation and engagement.

Streamlined Enrollment for Growth:

Accella’s well-designed mobile interfaces ensure a simplified membership enrollment process, improving lead generation and growth potential. According to the Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report, associations with a simplified sign-up process saw a 42% increase in new memberships. A cumbersome process could be a significant barrier to member growth.

Premium Memberships – Capitalizing on Revenue Opportunities:

You may miss out on a vital revenue stream if you’re not leveraging mobile solutions to promote premium memberships. Accella’s mobile apps can showcase exclusive benefits, incentivizing members to upgrade their memberships. Wild Apricot’s Membership Growth Report indicates that associations offering exclusive content through mobile apps saw a 30% increase in premium memberships.

Harnessing Data for Informed Decision-Making:

Accella’s mobile solutions give your association a wealth of data about your members. This invaluable information helps better understand members and make informed decisions. A 2020 MGI Benchmarking study shows that associations using data-driven strategies observed a 36% improvement in member satisfaction.

Mobile Marketing – Tapping into Potential:

By employing Accella’s mobile solutions, you open up a new marketing channel with push notifications, in-app advertising, and more. Research by the Manifest shows that businesses using mobile marketing saw a 35% increase in customer engagement. By ignoring this marketing avenue, you could miss potential promotional opportunities.

Testing New Features with Confidence:

Accella’s mobile solutions allow associations to pilot new offerings, ensuring alignment with member expectations before full-scale implementation. As per a study by Launchcloud, 71% of businesses found that app-based trials significantly reduced the risk of costly missteps.

Cost-Efficient and Direct Communication:

Accella’s mobile solutions offer a modern, direct, and cost-effective communication channel, which can be significantly more economical than traditional methods. A Pitney Bowes survey found that organizations using digital communication channels saved up to 30% in communication costs.

Scaling Services Effortlessly:

With Accella’s mobile strategies, scaling services becomes a breeze. You can reach a wider audience without drastically increasing operational costs. A 2021 Wild Apricot report found that associations using mobile apps could scale their services by 40% compared to those without an app.

Maintaining a Constant Feedback Loop:

Accella’s mobile solutions offer an efficient channel for feedback collection. You ensure alignment with member needs by incorporating member feedback into services and operations. A recent SuperOffice survey showed that businesses actively using feedback systems saw a 40% increase in customer satisfaction.

Customized Mobile Experiences: Navigating the Out-of-the-Box vs. Custom Solutions Conundrum for Associations

The digital age has marked a shift in how associations engage with their members, with mobile apps becoming crucial in fostering communication, engagement, and community. However, the choice between out-of-the-box and custom solutions often poses a dilemma.

Out-of-the-box solutions, while convenient and quick to deploy, have limitations. These ready-made solutions might not align with your association’s specific needs or contain features your organization doesn’t require. These solutions’ one-size-fits-all approach may not capture your association’s unique dynamics and ethos. Moreover, the control over user experience, an essential aspect of member engagement, often rests with the solution provider, limiting your ability to act upon member feedback.

A fully branded, personalized experience is paramount in the modern digital era. Your app should not just extend your association’s identity; it should embody it, offering your members a sense of community and immediate value. This level of personalization is often missing in out-of-the-box solutions.

First Step with Accella: Assessing Your Association’s Mobile App Needs

At Accella, our first step is to work with you in assessing if a mobile app is the right fit for your association and members. This understanding forms the foundation for our subsequent strategy. We will let you know if an out-of-the-box solution could meet your needs. However, when such solutions don’t suffice, we step in with our custom offerings. Our design and development process is tailored to align with your brand and cater to your unique requirements. Accella’s approach to mobile app development fundamentally puts your members first, creating personalized experiences that resonate with their specific needs and preferences.

Consider the mobile apps we at Accella developed for ALPA and NAMI. ALPA’s app provided specific features like the Jumpseat Flight Finder and Known Crew Member locations, while NAMI offered a supportive space for individuals with mental illnesses. In both cases, member engagement was driven by personalized content and resources, emphasizing the app’s relevance and impact.

However, the journey toward a successful mobile app has its challenges. It requires executive-level buy-in, strategic planning, and adequate resources. Our whitepaper outlines critical strategies for defining your app’s purpose, igniting initial downloads, and maintaining long-term engagement.

Whether you’re choosing an out-of-the-box solution or a custom app, Accella guides you. Together, we can ensure that your mobile app continues to evolve, delivers value to your members, and truly sets your association apart in this increasingly digital world.

Embracing the Digital Future: Prioritizing Member Experience with Accella’s Mobile Strategy Expertise

As we look towards an increasingly digital future, it is essential to pivot in a manner that prioritizes your members’ needs and experiences. A well-crafted mobile strategy and app can be crucial in this evolution. The risk of not investing could result in diminished relevance and engagement for your association. However, the path forward needn’t be navigated alone. With Accella as your trusted guide, equipped with our industry-leading digital strategists, we are ready to craft solutions focusing on technology and a people-first strategy.

Let’s build an engaging, accessible digital community for your members, ensuring that your association remains a dynamic, meaningful part of their lives in this increasingly digital world.

Decoding Mobile App Strategies for Associations: A Companion Piece to Our Recent Article on Digital Strategy

Building on our exploration of digital strategies for associations in a recent piece, we decided to dive deeper into one particular aspect – the crucial role of mobile apps. To unpack this topic further, we turned to Jason King, the President of Accella, who has a wealth of experience in guiding associations through the multifaceted journey of mobile app development. This conversation uncovers specific challenges, successes, and long-term strategies, offering a comprehensive perspective on mobile apps within the association landscape. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so will the discussions, but the insights we offer here will remain fundamentally relevant.

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Judson Abts

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