Website and Mobile Development Firm Sees Continued Growth in 2012

Accella Named to the Baltimore Business Journal’s List of Fastest Growing Companies

December 11, 2012 – Baltimore, MD: Accella, a leading interactive development firm based just outside of Baltimore has been named to the Baltimore Business Journal’s list of Fastest Growing Private Companies again. The list, announced on December 7th, ranked Accella #27; Accella achieved 40% growth from 2010 to 2011.

This is not the first time Accella has been listed as one of the fastest growing firms by the BBJ. Over the past five years, Accella has maintained steady growth, allowing them to grow from four employees in 2007 to over twenty in 2012. The stable growth can be attributed to having many long term clients coupled with a large surge of mobile app development projects.

“We have a strong focus on producing high quality websites and mobile applications,” said Jason King, President and CEO at Accella. “Through our focus on quality, we retain many of our clients as well as recruit top quality talent that concentrate on creating websites and mobile apps that exceed our client’s expectations.”

In addition to being named a fastest growing firm, Accella has been recognized by the Baltimore Business Journal and Baltimore magazine as one of the top places to work in Baltimore.

Each of Accella’s 18 employees works from home, a huge perk that has allowed them to retain many of their employees. Steve Demby, Chief Operating Officer at Accella says stated, “the fact that we have designers and developers around two, three, even five years after we finish a project has helped many of clients that come to us with modifications or updates three years after we finish a project. I often hear a huge sigh of relief when they find out the same developer is going to do the updates that did the initial development, that is something we’re seeing less and less of with other firms, especially ones that outsource development overseas.”

Accella plans on continuing to grow over the next three to five years, adding resources when necessary, and ensuring that their client’s needs are met at every time in the development cycle. For a list of available jobs, you can visit their website,

Jon Stroz

Jon Stroz

Jon Stroz is a marketing guru, mostly in online marketing strategies and brand management. After graduating from Towson University with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, he quickly became an integral part of a technology firm in Baltimore, MD. Since then Jon has honed his marketing skills and focused on online marketing strategies where he is also a Google Adwords Certified Individual.

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