Finding Success in the App Store – Learning From Hit Developers

This week Apple launched a redesigned App Store webpage. According to Apple, their aim is to help developers “Take advantage of new articles and videos designed to help you grow your business on the App Store and engage users worldwide. See how developers approach finding success on Apple platforms and what they’ve learned along the way.” Let’s have a brief tour of the new resources Apple provides.

Developer Insights

Here you will find success stories and best practices described by the developers of some hit apps. See how Best Fiends took a creative approach to social media marketing. Find out how CARROT Weather was able to migrate to the Apple Watch and successfully introduce a new premium pricing model. Evernote and Smule are also featured here, and I would imagine that this list will change from time to time. This is a great way to learn from the best.


The new resources under the Planning section include:


This section will list all the resources available for review guidelines, interface guidelines, Marketing guidelines, Apple Pay, and Apple Wallet usage. While these are great resources for anyone to look at, your development company should really know all these guidelines inside and out and be able to explain any relevant pieces to you. You wouldn’t vacation in a foreign country and hire a travel guide who just moved there, would you? If only I knew of a company that I could recommend to help guide you….

Jacob Haskins

Jacob Haskins

Jacob has always had an interest in learning and problem solving. Whether working with Objective C, PHP, Actionscript, FLEX, JavaScript or any other language, he finds that there is always something new to learn. He enjoys development projects most when getting to use new technologies.

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