Firebase & Google Sync for a New Web+App Property

You might have heard that Google will sunset its Google Analytics for mobile apps reporting and the Google Analytics Services SDK this month. When this announcement was made last year, Google urged mobile app marketers to begin using Firebase, a platform the company purchased in 2014, to track mobile app performance.

Dividing the Assets

This announcement was a big deal for mobile app marketers—especially ones that manage both web and app properties. If app owners also have a website, as of October 31, all of their data will be split across platforms. 

Not only will this change require marketers to learn an entirely new platform and implement it accordingly—it will also make it more difficult to grasp the full picture across devices. It might even potentially throw a giant wrench in the reporting process.   

A New Announcement Will Change Everything

If you have seen this notification in Firebase, get excited

Google announced that marketers will now be able to measure apps and websites together in Google Analytics. Through a new property type, App + Web, marketers will be able to push data from Firebase into Google Analytics. This enables you to see app and web data in the same place for truly unified reporting. 

This is very exciting. You can read the full announcement here to get the details. We think it’s a great step for marketers and an opportunity that should be capitalized upon to glean the full picture when it comes to your organization’s data.

A Game Changer for Internal Reporting 

If you have always used Firebase as your app analytics tool and haven’t bothered with Google Analytics, this free sync could be a game changer for internal reporting. Dashboards within Google Analytics are much more customizable and intuitive than what is offered through Firebase.

Have you integrated your app and web data into a single dashboard? Do you have questions about how to do it correctly? We’re happy to help put our expertise to work. Scroll down to the ‘Contact Us’ form below and we’ll chat about the best solution for your data, organization, and industry.

Karli Taylor

Karli Taylor

As a Marketing Analyst at Accella, Karli Taylor spends time defining and implementing data metrics that align with client marketing and business objectives. Karli focuses on producing actionable insights based on data analysis to aid clients in their UX and marketing efforts.

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