Flurry Analytics Announces Some New Features

Seven Mobile App MistakesIn a message sent out yesterday, Flurry announced several new features which will help app producers:


Create funnels to track any conversion in your app using your existing events. Best of all, any new funnel you create will leverage all your existing data. This way you can explore the data you have without having to plan for every possible funnel. The power is yours today. Learn more about Funnels.


Alerts keep you connected to what’s going on in your app exactly when you want. You can set up alerts to notify you when a key metric increases or decreases by a certain percent, or when a metric reaches a threshold you determine. Alerts ensure that you never miss a thing. Learn more about Alerts.

Custom Dashboards

Create a dashboard of your most important app metrics for convenient access, all in one place. Administrators can create global dashboard views accessible by all users, and individuals can create additional dashboards for groups of metrics they value most. Get immediate access now. Learn more about Custom Dashboards.

Flurry SDKs for iOS

There are now two Flurry iOS SDKs available for your iOS apps. One version continues to use the UDID, and the other does not. To learn more about which SDK is right for you, or to download either one, please click here.

Jon Stroz

Jon Stroz

Jon Stroz is a marketing guru, mostly in online marketing strategies and brand management. After graduating from Towson University with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, he quickly became an integral part of a technology firm in Baltimore, MD. Since then Jon has honed his marketing skills and focused on online marketing strategies where he is also a Google Adwords Certified Individual.

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