Want to Make Sure Your Next Project Gets Funded? Read This.

Pursuing a new digital project is exciting. You passionately believe in its vision and goals, and feel it’s the right move for your organization. But every time you present to leadership, it’s like a Shark Tank episode gone wrong. Before you walk into the boardroom, here’s how to make sure you get funded.


When it comes to getting buy-in for your project, excitement is key. Your business has a finite amount of people, money, and time—and there are often many projects vying for those resources.

In order for your project to be the one your company pursues, you need advocates. And people are most willing to advocate for projects that excite them.

There are two ways to generate excitement for your digital project within your organization—stakeholder mapping and creating a business case.


The first step in gaining the buy-in you need from stakeholders is mapping out your organization.

STEP 1 – Start with these 5 departments

List each individual that you will need buy-in from or who will play a role in the execution of your digital project. This list will differ for every company, but we recommend considering these five business areas and building your map out from there.

  • Customer support
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Finance

STEP 2 – Time to put on your psychologist hat

Detail out what motivates each person on your list. How does that motivation aligns with the goals of the business? For instance, is this person more focused on growing in your industry, supporting your customers, or reducing operations costs?

STEP 3 – Don’t know what motivates a major influencer?

Go talk to them. Don’t let their busy schedule deter you—by creating relationships with your colleagues, you can truly understand what they want.

STEP 4 – Update your project charter

The last step is to ensure that your project charter clearly articulates how it will benefit each person’s focus and desires. This exercise will help shape your project so it doesn’t just serve your needs, but also supports the entire organization’s goals. By aligning your project with what each group wants, you’ll generate excitement to help gain the buy-in you need.


Aligning your project with each group’s motivations and desires will help get the ball rolling. But most people won’t be swayed by promise alone—they want to see how the project will unfold and, most of all, the return on investment it will generate.

A business case clearly illustrates what your project will do for your company from a data perspective.

Bring in your financial team to help outline what could be realized from the project. This will require data from your customers on what they want and need, industry trends, company financial projections, and more.

Don’t forget the creative vision

Numbers don’t speak to everyone. You must also work with your design team to articulate your creative vision, so others can see your project’s promise.

Strategy + creative vision + financial goals = A solid business case

More organizations are looking to business cases, especially those that deliver agilely, to prioritize development based on what makes the most sense for the company. A business case brings strategy, creative vision, and financials together in one easy-to-consume view.


With a stakeholder map and business case in hand, pitching your project to your organization’s key leaders should be much easier.

Remember, making a case for your project is equal parts business and psychology.

You must prove that your project is the right fit for your company, will best serve your customers, and can help you meet your goals. You must also show each leader how your project will benefit their business area to get them excited. Follow these steps to gain buy-in for your digital project across your organization to help your company meet its goals.

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Alyssa Hulka

Alyssa Hulka

As the VP of Digital Strategy at Accella, Alyssa Hulka crafts digital strategies, defines the vision for digital products and redefines user experiences. With a focus on building meaningful connections between brands and consumers, Alyssa specializes in driving forward innovative digital experiences.

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