How to Hire an App Developer

Last month, Sharon L. Cohen wrote a very interesting piece on about How to Hire an App Developer. It is the first installment in a series of posts on how to hire an app developer. Below is an excerpt of the piece, to read the entire piece visit

How to Hire an App Developer

How to Hire an App DeveloperEvery day, scores of apps are being submitted to Apple for the iPad, iPod or iPhone. Just as many apps never make it to the store. They end up only partially developed or not developed at all. I should know – my app is still wandering somewhere in limbo land. The good news: I learned a great deal about hiring an app developer. In this series of articles, I’ll pass on some of the pitfalls and lessons learned.

Good Ideas Aren’t Enough

You are a business owner and have a great idea for an app that will promote your widgets. Great! But, there’s no shortage of inspirations for new apps. That is only the very first step in app development. To have a successful app, or one that is used by your target audience, you need to be totally involved from concept, through design, onto development and then onward to Apple. Don’t expect to just hand the idea over to a developer and expect miracles…(continued)

To read the entire post, visit

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Jason King

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